Anyone know what has happened to the MSS HiFi website?
Went into hiding?
Their Ebay store also disappeared a few weeks ago?
Take a look here:
Drone victim
I visited them in NY and was a really weird experience. The guy running the store was like taken out from a movie of chinese mafia...He was the complete opposite of a serious person and spend all the time there trying to be the smartest as...hole in town. I was asking for some Pass lab equipment that they had on their website and they replied with irony, sarcasm and double sense about their website...the continuous looks between his assistant and him showing some weird complicity was the most awkward part...I got out of there thinking that not even as a gift would take anything from that guy...I would not be surprised if they are in jail...
Interesting: ( )
in case you haven't seen it:

No updates beyond the alleged Warrants issued in at least 2 states (Louisiana and Florida).
Thank you for passing these links along, Jgm. The fake serial number thing scares the heck out of me.
Justice took it's coarse but why did it take so long , and how many people were swindled ?
Did you see what this dillusional crook posted in his web site before they finally took it down last summer? Now this is funny as well as scary.

What does the future hold?
Thursday, July 5, 2012 2:47:41 PM GMT+5
John Boey has found a new interest and is now engaged in an exciting new endeaver that will take up all his time from Thursdays to Sundays. But he is a true audiophile and a music lover. John Boey was a classically trained pianist in 3 different countries. He has an eclectic taste in music, from classical music to jazz, rock and roll, electronica and death metal.

1) All inventory will be disabled, and then remaining inventory will be added to the website on a daily basis. John Boey holds a Master's Degree in Engineering. He was previously involved in many projects at General Electric Power Systems (now known as GE Energy) that were worth over $100mil. He is also an accomplished comedian and a writer of extraordinary creativity and originality. As in his tradition, all items listed on shall feature salesmanship of the highest class. John Boey almost always comes up with a unique and original sales pitch for every single item.

2) Except for the inventory that was fraudulently removed from MSS HiFi old store in the Flower District of NYC, all of MSS HiFi's remaining inventory will temporarily be stored at John Boey's Manhattan apartment and a storage facility in Long Island City.

3) John Boey will soon start to purchase new inventory.

4) Within 12 months, John Boey shall have a new high-end audio store in NYC. This will be a very special boutique that is open about 18 hours a day. Stay tuned for the new location.

This new high-end audio boutique will be considered John Boey's part time job that is his hobby because he is already involved in a more exciting and profitable endeavor. It will be a business that moves a lot of boxes simply because that's just how the genius functions, he's successful in everything he does. However, it will not be as high volume as before. It definitely will cease function as a social program. Unfortunately, not even the genius could figure out how to make social engineering work, human nature tends to respond much better to discipline than kindness.
The Audio Pimp Manifesto brings tears to my eyes, Donjr.

I'm reminded of the remarks Ol' Dirty Bastard's own mother used in her eulogizing him, "He was an artist."
Any relation to Baba Booey?
So this is audio, what next?
delusional, yes, but ya gotta give the guy some style points........