MSRP policy-

Does audiogon have any firm policy on how retail prices are listed? There is a piece now up with the retail price listed 700-800 over actual MSRP . . . and although this particular online, heavy volume seller has tons of positive feedback (and one neutral), my dealings with them (e-mail and phone but no transactions) leave me feeling that they would step on their mother’s head to move product.

seems to me that listing retail that much over reality is: a) fundamentally dishonest; and b) should be subject to reprimand by audiogon.
I agree with you that the seller in question should show the correct MSRP.
I think if you informed the manufacturer, they would probably be more displeased than anyone on Audiogon. They may even take some type of action if it is a dealer listing the component.
Seller can charge whatever buyer is willing to pay. If you think he is asking too much, don't buy from him and he will eventually mark the price down.
I see that all the time, it's not just one seller. Other facts are often listed wrong also, (component weight comes to mind). Thats why every buyer should do their own research before buying.

I have an item for sale, and as a result of this thread I checked the retail price. I had it too high in the listing, and I've corrected it.

Thanks for the post.
Tvad, that's very honorable, I knew that Gutter Twins LP didn't cost $35.00.
Sissdp: "Seller can charge whatever buyer is willing to pay. If you think he is asking too much, don't buy from him and he will eventually mark the price down."

Where did I say ANYTHING about what the seller is asking? The issue is a blatantly overstated MSRP . . . I'm fully aware the seller can ask any price.

When I asked the seller to confirm age of the demo, in writing, and his vague reference to some kind of warranty, he in effect said I'd have to trust him. . .

I asked if he'd ship the piece and "trust me" for the money. end of convo, of course.

Viridian, Gutter Twins' "Saturnalia" is a great LP. I'm too lazy to flip the vinyl every twenty minutes, though.

I'm buying it on CD to replace the vinyl...


I've been purchasing from the audiogon site for quite some time now and although most are honest and stand behind there product, I've run into a few snakes here and there. As in anything else, buyer must beware.
I think the MSRP should be stated correctly not inflated.
It may be one indicator of the integrity of the seller or simply a mistake. Accurate listing have the correct MSRP ususally noted on the audiogon blue book. A Marantz 10b had a MSRP of $ 795.00 and sellers get $ 2000.00-5,000.00 So there is no need to inflate MSRP. MSRP and asking or selling price are not 100% connected.
Dcisok, I thought you mean the seller jacked up the asking price by inflating the retail price. If he didn't, what difference does that make? No one is paying retail here anyway. The most important price is the one you pay. If you think the asking price is reasonable, I wouldn't worry about the retail price. Sometimes even the most reliable seller can make mistake.

The other issues you brought up are a different story. Transactions on Audiogon or any other auction site are "trust-me" based. If you feel the seller is untrustworthy due to elusive answer to your questions, don't buy from him.
weiserB, i think what you're saying is that MSRP and asking are not connected 100% of the time rather than "100% connected"--and i agree. vintage gear is a different ballpark, but with stuff introduced within the last 7-10 yrs., there should be an expectation that the MSRP is relevant and should be stated accurately.

mods also can be a factor, and can be stated in the ad, but that still doesn't change the MSRP.
I think if the seller lists the MSRP, it should be accurate, but here on Audiogon, MSRP is not even a requirement. Although it is highly unlikely, the other consideration is that the seller is telling the truth because he got ripped off by a dealer when he purchased the component.
I agree with you 100%. I think they are also misrepresenting the products as a hole. They state the current MSRP and not the MSRP when the product manufactured. Often selling items that are still in production today but their product is 4-5 years old and not up to current standards. It is unfair to buyers and other sellers of like products as well. It lowers the resale value of the current product. Why pay $2000 when you can get the same thing for $1500, it may look the same but it’s not. They should call the manufacturer with the Model & Serial Number and get the proper info or not state MSRP at all.

I think this is a growing problem but don’t see how Audiogon could Police it with out increasing sellers costs.