mse Gen ll VS VH pulsar IC

I have heard good things about both IC, I was wondering if there is a clear winner out of the two. I have sim audio SS equipment and an looking for a full, clear sound
I currently own both of these interconnects, listening to both over many hours I have come to prefer the MSE's over the pulsar's in my system (tubed pre and amps). In my system the mse's are slightly more transparent and tonally balanced. However, the pulsar's may be more tonally balanced in a ss system, ie. you may prefer the added warmth of a copper cable. Both cables are very good values, comparable to many of the high priced competition.
I believe you'd be happy with either, but you'll never be sure until you buy used pairs of both and try them for yourself in your own system. This is a point that keeps getting hammered home again and again in these threads by those who have gone down the same road before. Why is it that people don't take the advice to heart? You can't make a choice based on the opinions of others. The best you can hope is to narrow your options.

Buy some of each and try them. You'll have fun doing it, and you'll know which one you prefer when you're through.
Both are very different cables, in design, execution and price. It's not fair to compare RSA to the Pulsar. I use all MSE interconnects in my main system and Pulsar digital between transport and DAC.

Comparing VenHaus cotton insulated silver interconnects with the naturally insulated Ridge Street cables it's an apples to apples comparison. Comprende?
Psychicanimal makes a good point. However, if you compare the MSE with the Pulsar, the design differences and resulting sonic differences, may make the A/B comparison in your system a little more interesting since you'd be comparing an excellent silver interconnect with an excellent copper interconnect. The result being a potential preference for the sound of one material over the other in your system. From there you could proceed with a silver vs. silver comparison or a copper vs. copper comparison.
Thank you all for your input