MSB vs dCS Bartok

Thinking about the MSB Premier vs dCS Bartok in a active ATC speaker rig.

I want to consolidate my system down from a Naim NDS/252 front end. 
So as a one box DAC/streamer/preamp. which should be better ?

Using a Naim audio HDX 2TB server as a source and currently have ATC active (SCM40A) although about to go with the ATCSCM50ASL real soon.

I have placed an order for the second MSB Discrete PSU, it’s a no brainer TBH on how good it’s made the Premier DAC. If the MSB Renderer Module is equally good an upgrade, that will be next.
hi, albeit belatedly let me share my experience.

I have moved from a NAIM streamer (NDX +XPS5 power supply) to MSB (first Discreet and now a "full" Premier with PowerBase + Fempto clock, -these were optional when i got it but apparently now are standard-).

Although I do expect the 2nd power base to make a difference I honestly think there exists a house sound signature between the two brands, with NAIM pushing the dynamics/PRAT attributes whilst MSB sounding (to my hours) much more "finessed" (no lack of detail, no lack of dynamics but at the same time no forceful push of the dynamics envelope either)

That being said and FWIW: I have recently experimented with direct vs going via a preamp and unless you pair with MSB's own power amp (which has a low impedance option matching the one of the MSB DAC) a preamp definitely increases the dynamics and liveness of the sound

MSB is interconnect sensitive and impedance sensitive. Look to your amp and pre amp. Make sure you run the MSB as a preamp in any troubleshooting before you cast final judgement on the sound of the dac. 

I went from a Naim 555 CDP to the NDS, although I kept the 555 CDP.  I actually preferred the sound of the CDP to the NDS server (CDs ripped to WAV).  I currently run the 555 server, which sounds better than the NDS.  The 555 server has a warmer, more analogue sound without a loss of micro-dynamics.
Interesting thread. Looking at  Nyquist mk2,  Bartok and MSB Discrete with ProUSB and built in extra PSU.  Have heard Nyquist MK1 and loved it but wasn’t listening to buy. Liked Bartok a ton too, but again a long time ago. Loved the Select when I heard it , but again never heard the MSB. Sucks as. I can’t audition like I’m used to.