Msb Vs Accustic Arts

Hello friends,

I am looking to buy a DAC. Now I am struggling in between Msb DAC 3 and Accustic Arts DAC 1 MK 4. Is any one can advise?

Rcaltd, the closet I can come to being helpful to you is to share that another audiophile friend just compared the AA Tube Hybrid DAC to the MBL reference DAC and liked the Accustic Arts DAC much more.

Here on the GON I have posted reviews of the AA DAC1 MK4, along with reviews of the Tube Hybrid reference DAC and the AA transports. On a few occasions I have heard the MBL digital gear in other systems, but was never that impressed to do a home audition compared to the Accustic Arts digital gear.
I think it's MSB not MBL....
I'm sort of in the opposite boat. I have an AA Drive 1 which I use with an MBL 1511F DAC. The DAC replaced an Audiomeca Enkianthus X. I absolutely love the MBL and it is pure magic in my system. I have not compared it with the AA tube DAC, but I am so impressed with the MBL that I would encourage you to do an in home audition if the opportunity ever presents itself. I must tell you, however, that the MBL took > 100 hours to fully break-in and I'm not so sure it has even hit stride yet.