MSB select II vs all dacs ?

Wherever I read I see unanimous praise for the MSB Select II. Of course this DAC is super pricey and out of the reach of many (including me). I wanted to know for anyone who has heard it have you also heard a DAC that approached it in sonic performance? One name that was thrown around by a few people I know is the  Rockna Wavedream. Anyone make that comparison?
@worldwidewholesales  Wow, Rockna better than MSB Select 2 ?? For it to be even in the same converstaion as Select 2 is a huge accomplishment. Amazing. 

Did you hear Mscaler + Chord DAVE and compare to Rockna? What other dacs have you compared to Rockna? 

(sorry to all for semi-derailing my own thread).
Again that was just one persons opinion and there is no "best" and I stress this because of the obvious. Different rooms, different ears, different pairing of equipment and different taste in music.

We did test the Mscaler + Chord DAVE and we thought it was very good. I truthfully don't want to get into the whole Rockna versus the rest of the world. Rockna really comes into it's own when paired with the Rockna Wavedream Net server and a great SSD in the server with your favorite music on that drive. There are a ton of factors that make a great digital system and in my opinion, you build it slowly and most importantly have fun doing it.

@smodtactical I would not take price as any arbitrator of quality, especially nowadays. It seems to me that manufacturers are jacking up the price for the perception of quality. Almost all gear I hear is pretty good and some are great but the most expensive ones are not universally the best to my ears.

I agree it seems manufacturers are jacking up the price. Several years ago I was told that manufacturers believe if a price isn't high enough,  some in this hobby won't take it seriously. In my experience sometimes the higher priced component sounds better and sometimes it doesn't. 
Good points by all. I agree price is necessarily indicative of quality or performance. But MSB Select 2 is regarded by many as the best thats why for something 1/10 of the price to compete in anyones eyes is quite an accomplishment.

I mean I don't think you'll find anyone who prefers the schiit modi over the schiit yggy2. But the price difference is similarly massive.