MSB select II vs all dacs ?

Wherever I read I see unanimous praise for the MSB Select II. Of course this DAC is super pricey and out of the reach of many (including me). I wanted to know for anyone who has heard it have you also heard a DAC that approached it in sonic performance? One name that was thrown around by a few people I know is the  Rockna Wavedream. Anyone make that comparison?
@worldwidewholesales did you hear MSB Select 2? How did Rockna compare?
One of our stores in NY, Rhapsody Music, did do a direct comparison and here was his conclusion.

The reason that I wanted to see how the CEC compared to the Rockna DAC is that I had compared the CEC DAC to my MSB Select II $150K DAC.  I felt that the CEC was the equal of the MSB.


I thought the Rockna DAC might be a bottleneck and now I found that I was correct.


The Rockna DAC at the $11000 price point is EXCELLENT. No issue with it at all. But for “el Primo” sound connecting the Rockna server with the Inakustik USB cable takes everything to the next level. And the CEC is $33K. Now I have two reasonable and not crazy price point DAC’s running with the Rockna server. Good bye $20K Aurender! The Rockna server is 2nd to none!!!!


All good.


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Yesterday, 8:27 PM

Correction - After listening tonight with the exact same Inakustik cables, the Rockna Dac is actually quite a bit better (more transparent, better/more open top end, than the $33K (really good sounding) CEC Dac or $150k MSB.

Again this is all subjective and absolutely does not mean the Rockna dac is the "best" because in our opinion there is no best dac. But the Rockna dac is absolutely world class. Personally we did not do a direct A/B comparison  with MSB Select 2. We look for audio products that can compete with the super expensive audio brands but at a fraction of the price.

@worldwidewholesales  Wow, Rockna better than MSB Select 2 ?? For it to be even in the same converstaion as Select 2 is a huge accomplishment. Amazing. 

Did you hear Mscaler + Chord DAVE and compare to Rockna? What other dacs have you compared to Rockna? 

(sorry to all for semi-derailing my own thread).
Again that was just one persons opinion and there is no "best" and I stress this because of the obvious. Different rooms, different ears, different pairing of equipment and different taste in music.

We did test the Mscaler + Chord DAVE and we thought it was very good. I truthfully don't want to get into the whole Rockna versus the rest of the world. Rockna really comes into it's own when paired with the Rockna Wavedream Net server and a great SSD in the server with your favorite music on that drive. There are a ton of factors that make a great digital system and in my opinion, you build it slowly and most importantly have fun doing it.

@smodtactical I would not take price as any arbitrator of quality, especially nowadays. It seems to me that manufacturers are jacking up the price for the perception of quality. Almost all gear I hear is pretty good and some are great but the most expensive ones are not universally the best to my ears.