MSB select II vs all dacs ?

Wherever I read I see unanimous praise for the MSB Select II. Of course this DAC is super pricey and out of the reach of many (including me). I wanted to know for anyone who has heard it have you also heard a DAC that approached it in sonic performance? One name that was thrown around by a few people I know is the  Rockna Wavedream. Anyone make that comparison?
“Personally we have A/B 76 different digital front ends.”


Is the number 76 comes from your life long exposure to digital front ends or direct comparison with Rockna DAC?

We would love to see your top 10 A/B comparisons with Rockna. Why not start a thread that details your impression about Rockna Sig vs other 9 DAC’s that are currently available and competing in $20-$5K range? 




First I want to say that I fully agree that the hobby is subjective to a point and that is why we do blind testing and A/B testing with 5 other people who only have 2 things in common with our system. The remainder of the 5 systems are completely different, our rooms are completely different and our ears are completely different. But the majority of the time all 6 of us, over a 2 day test period come to the exact same conclusion. Lots of time it comes down to knowing what you are actually trying to achieve in a high end home system and listening for that end result.


Our digital testing has been done over the last 20 + years and as I said earlier there is no "best" when it comes to dacs or digital front ends. Set up is key, cables are super important, server is also very important and our preference connection is an i2S connection.


It would be absolute suicide for an audio distributor to state his/her experience and preferences. It would only sound like sales so we prefer to keep our test results among ourselves. I hope you understand.


@worldwidewholesales did you hear MSB Select 2? How did Rockna compare?
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@worldwidewholesales  Wow, Rockna better than MSB Select 2 ?? For it to be even in the same converstaion as Select 2 is a huge accomplishment. Amazing. 

Did you hear Mscaler + Chord DAVE and compare to Rockna? What other dacs have you compared to Rockna? 

(sorry to all for semi-derailing my own thread).