MSB S202 Stereo Amplifier - what's the experience so far?

Hi all,
my set-up is a MSB Analog DAC straight into the power amp Pass X250.5 which drives Avalon Indra speakers. I'm quite happy, but, as so often in our hobby, I'm looking to step up the game by replacing the power amp eventually with MSB S202 Stereo Amplifier. There is nothing I really dislike in my current set-up - the slight forward sound and warmth of Pass I just love it, but I miss a bit more micro-details and decay, a more fluid and natural sound. 
So far I have not read any reviews on S202 so here goes the questions to whoever has the S202: a) how would you characterize it, if possible compared to Pass? b) is it to be considered mainly because of synergy you would expect with a MSB DAC or do you have experience with other DACs connected to S202?
Cheers and thank you all for any insights
There was a post started on this amp in May 2020 on whatsbestforum and got minimum responses and no user feedback so you may not get any here.
I've got an MSB S-200 power amp and an Analog DAC. That power amp is awesome no matter what the source. I thought I had great digital sound with the Analog DAC/S-200 - had it that way for many a year - but just upgraded my vinyl system and got a Herron Audio line-stage preamp. I ran my signal from the Analog DAC to the Herron Audio CD RCA inputs, and from there to the power amp, and everything that plays through that system sounds SOOO much better now than it ever did before.... The Analog DAC and S-200/S-202 may have been designed to work synergistically with each other, but there are better ways to get great sound from those components. 
Hi all,
finally a review on this amp.

I liked what I heard at the shop, but in my set-up I will have the possibility to audition the S201 which I guess will be a similar beast to S202 and indicate the path to go!

Cheers, Mike
I have a customer who has this amp and I have spent several hours doing some very critical listening.  He runs an MSB Reference DAC into it.    

It is superb.  He is using it to drive Vivid B1 Decades.  Vivids are not a particularly difficult load but the level of detail and the associated micro-dynamics are insane.  

It is absolutely a reference quality amp.  As long as that amp has enough power to drive those speakers, you should be very happy with it.