MSB price increase

Heard about the price increase for the Gold Link III from MSB from $1295 to $1895! Any one know why!
...probably because this DAC holds it own just fine against $5K - $8K DACs. It ain't pretty but it's very very good. I owned one and the only reason I sold it is because I'm getting a $5K (list) Cary CD-306 CD player. You can still get the MSB Gold Link III for under $1300 from a couple dealers who advertise right here on but I don't know for how long.
Hi Abecollins,
I heard the increase in price is about $600! Is it worth that extra amount!
Hello Ramesh,
It's a bargain at $1300 and I think MSB realized this and raised the price. It's still a great DAC at $1895 but getting a little expensive compared to some very good all in one CD players. I sold mine mainly because I wanted to reduce the clutter. I hope I don't regret my decision. You can still buy the MSB Gold Link III for <$1300 new but you can find the Perpetual DAC for less. Its also a good DAC but for my system I chose the MSB. It really depends on what you're looking for. I found the MSB to add more slam and detail at the bottom end and warmed up the midrange a little which is what my system needed. Would I buy another MSB Gold Link III for $1895? Probably not but for $1300 or less (used) I would do it again for sure.
anyone heard the MSB Gold or III combo against the EVS Millenium II? All the reviews I've heard have been the MSB Link versus the Millenium I with no upsampling.
Hi Audiotomb,
Sorry! Haven't heard much about them against the EVS M2! However, I have a friend who had the modified MSB and EVS M2! If you want, I could inquire! Email me and let me know!
Hi Abecollins,
Your description of the Gold Link III is what I like too! BTW, regarding your description, are you basing it on the standard Gold Link III or the one that has the Full Nelson upgrade!

I have an EVS Millenium II

it is just a phenominal piece
detail, resolution, the harmonics of music

I was referring to the reviews which are mostly of the Mill I versus the MSB Gold and Link

ric really has an excellent DAC in the EVS
with a 30 day money back guarantee how could one go wrong auditioning it?

The fact that MSB was selling it for $1295, and making the normal profit on it, indicates to me that they simply want to make more money. Once again, greed leads. It is certainly not an inspiring statement for the company. Furthermore, I have read a number of quality control problems with MSB products. I, for one, would not want to deal with one.
I have had nothing but good experiences with MSB. I have a Link, a Gold and a Platinum. My main system is a dCS Elgar and a 972 upsampler. The Platinum is very close to the dCS and that's even before their new upsampler board which I should have from them in two or three weeks.

I have no business interest in the company. I don't know of quality problems. Perhaps a specific reference to the publication where the quality problems would be helpful.

MSB is located in one of the highest cost labor markets in the world, here in Northern California. Their prices, based on the boards/parts inside, from my professional experience in electronics are a bargain by High End standards and well priced by typical small run electronics standards.

Moore's Law has made for tremendous progress in the quality of DAC's over the last few years and there are very good ones at every price point. MSB units are way up there in terms of price performance.

To a specific point raised above. Any DAC's performance can be significantly improved with a better power supply and that certainly applies to the Gold.
Ramesh, you asked if my Gold Link III had Full-Nelson upgrade. No. I'm not sure if its available for the Gold Link III (someone else can comment on this). I'll just say that the Gold Link III sounds better than the regular Link III with Full-Nelson. For one thing, the Gold Link III has 4 24-bit Burr-Brown DAC chips while the regular Link III models have a single DAC. You can see some specs on my website: