MSB Platinum Link vs. Altis Reference

Has anyone had the opportunity to compare these two DAC's?
I would appreciate any feedback. Many Thanks.
I have the Altis and love it. While i have'nt heard the MSB, it did get a bad review at Enjoy the
I'm very confused about your reference. I spent about a half hour looking for the MSB Platinum review on the Enjoy the site. I didn't find a negative review but under the 2001 Jimmy Award Page I found the following quote "Under $4,000. MSB Technology's Platinum Link DAC demonstration was a stunner. With recordings I thought I knew, the Platinum unveiled details unnoticed during hundreds of playbacks at home. As the hardware improves, the lowly CD storage medium keeps sounding better. Do we really need DSD or DVD-A with companies like MSB able to push the performance of playback gear?".

I did find a negative review of the MSB Gold which is not the same unit or performance as the Platinum.
Would you be so kind as to clarify where we can find the negative rreview of the MSB Platinum? Thanks.
It was a mistake on my part.
Thanks a lot for your clarification, I really appreciate it.
Go for the MSB, its a beautiful thing. The people at MSB know what the're doing. I just went to their headquarters in La Honda to pick up my DAC(The place is a trip!) they all seem very into what they do.
I have had nothing but good experiences with MSB. I have a Link, a Gold and a Platinum. My main system is a dCS Elgar and a 972 upsampler. The Platinum is very close to the dCS and that's even before their new upsampler board which I should have from them in two or three weeks.

I have no business interest in the company. I don't know of quality problems. Perhaps a specific reference to the publication where the quality problems would be helpful.

MSB is located in one of the highest cost labor markets in the world, here in Northern California. Their prices, based on the boards/parts inside, from my professional experience in electronics are a bargain by High End standards and well priced by typical small run electronics standards.

Moore's Law has made for tremendous progress in the quality of DAC's over the last few years and there are very good ones at every price point. MSB units are way up there in terms of price performance.

To a specific point raised above. Any DAC's performance can be significantly improved with a better power supply and that certainly applies to the Gold.