MSB Platinum Link Dac?

From the specs, this dac seems like it has the ability to do great things. I'd like to hear from people who have lived with it and listened to it......does it do great things?
Use the search function at the main thread heading, for "MSB" and "Platinum" here's one thread (of many)
Does it do great things? that depends on what you think "great things" are. If you want stunning clarity, detail, dynamics, and reproduction that is true to the recording then it is for you. If you want your music to be colored in some way or you want a DAC that can "Improve" a bad recording then it will probably not do great things for you.
I own the dCS Elgar/972 Upsampler combo. I also own the MSB Platinum. It is not better as some have said but it is close. I haven't listened to all the contenders but the MSB is among the best. It is especially inpressive from the balanced outputs directly into an amp with no preamp.