MSB platinum DAC USB2

How can their USB2 which looks no bigger than HiFace device go for $1000? It's asynchronous so I'm assuming they may be using Gordan Rankins implementation.

192kHz USB $1000
384kHz USB $1400

I just don't get the pricing.
I would suggest that you are looking at raw sample rate numbers and creating an imaginary and I might add irrelevant cost/sample-rate ratio.

This is not how R&D works. This is a proprietary implementation and is quite a bit more complex than what some others have been selling.

I have consistently found the MSB dacs (ladder dacs) to be far superior to most other dacs i have previewed regardless of cost.
Thanks for your response. Though no one reply to my question.

"This is a proprietary implementation and is quite a bit more complex than what some others have been selling."

Can you explain your statement or refer me to a link that explains why there implementation is more complex than others?

Implementation of asynchroneous USB can be done in different ways, but I fail to see why their implementation is at least 500% more costly than others.
and still msb's implementation is not asychronous.

You can go better with m2tech evo on any existing dac.
Kops, I have heard excellent sounding USB DACs utilizing asynchronious and adaptive technologies. Although many hype asynchroneous to be much better (theoretically better at least), I have not heard clear evidence for this. Jitter is not THE most important factor in sound quality of USB DAC, although many audiophiles will not buy a DAC unless it has asynchroneous USB. Getting back to the subject, what makes MSB's USB implementation so special that it costs so much higher than others? I hope it's not because their DAC is so expensive, they think they can get away with charging that amount.
Audiofun, I might add "more complex" doesn't mean better sound quality. I can cite examples where more complex circuitry degrades the sound. OP amps being some of the worst culprits. Have you heard the MSB DAC through their proprietary USB?

I believe the MSB supports 32 bit 384KHz media. Many of the others only accept 24/192 on the USB port. I am sure the guys at MSB are charging for the time to write the software for 32 Bit ASIO plugin support.