MSB Platinum DAC

Anybody have any comments on this DAC? Thinking of getting one.
I replaced my Theta Pro Gen Va with one about a year ago and really like it. There have been other threads about this unit recently comparing it to other units so you might want to scroll back through this forum. I recently got the dCS Elgar/972 combo. That combo is fantastic, but I really couldn't say that the improvement was equal to the cost difference ration. I think the Platinum is excellent using the balanced outputs on orchestral music. I also have a Gold in a bedroom system and it isn't in the same league
I've had the Platinum for two months and I'm very pleased with its performance. It's smooth sounding, yet still very detailed. It supplies much of the texture that real instruments have. The Platinum is definitely a step up from the Sonic Frontiers (both SFD-1/2 and SFD-2/2) that it replaced.
If you're looking at spending that much you should really look at the Perpetual Technologies P1A/P3A combination which offers true interpolation to 24 bits in addition to upsampling. In the near future the P1A will also offer room correction which will make a huge difference in getting the best out of your system in your room.

Another option would be the new EVS Millennium DAC II( In fact, my ultimate combo would be the P1A running into the DAC II which should lay waste to just about everything out there and would cost a total of $2k for both units. By the way, the DAC II will be upgradeable to the new SACD/DVD-A formats in 2-channel.

Best of luck.
I had a chance to compare the P1A/P3A to the Platinum in my system. Based on that comparison, I believe the Platinum is a much better sounding unit. Of course it costs more. I haven't heard the EVS. I use a Sigtech for room correction.
p1s1 reminded me, there is a $300 ModWright upgrade offered to the P3A that is supposed to bring it to an even higher level of performance, and Ric Schultz at EVS is also said to be working on a mod for it, so there seems to be significant upside potential--just FYI.

Also, p1s1, I was curious about your Sigtech room correction system. I've been looking at TacT and have been very impressed, but I don't know anything about Sigtech but have heard good things. Any thoughts on Sigtech vs. TacT or where I can get more info on Sigtech products/technology? How does the Sigtech work in your system? Sorry for taking up space here but I didn't have access to your email. You can email me at if you'd rather. Thanks.

I think that the Sigtech is significantly better and significantly more expensive. You can reach Sigtech at (617) 995-3500. Tact vs Sigtech has been discussed rather extensively over the last year. Check out the following threads:
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Thank you to all who responded. I found the responses informational and enjoyable. Thanks again