MSB Platinum DAC

Does anybody have any experience with this product? Thanks in advance.
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I had one home for evaluation for about 3 weeks. I ended up getting a Dodson, but the MSB is excellent. Terrific bass, very sweet and pure and musical (which is characteristic of the 24/96 upsampling DACs I've heard), perhaps a little buttoned-down polite and controlled sounding, however. The unit I had was the early industrial design and was so cheesy looking (think K-mart house brand), I'm not sure I could have brought myself to own it. I think they've redesigned it, fortunately.
I enjoy mine because it's the only DAC that can truly drive an amp without a preamp, and no preamp is better than any preamp. You do need to find a way to do volume though and I use a Z-Systems RDP-1 before the MSB or a Placette remote volume after.
Had the Platinum and the Dodson in house for a run through. I found the Dodson made the biggest improvement in the low octaves. The bass was much improved with a more defined and detailed signature. By reduceing if not eliminating the bloom in the lower octaves the music seemed to open up in the bass and mid-bass. The Platinum displayed a simular charactaristic as well. Though not as impressive in the lows as the Dodson, it was able render an opened up soundstage through a wider band of frequencies. The Platinum was a modified unit. Upgraded Blackgate caps etc..
I have owned a Platinum for a year. It drives my Melos mononblocks directly. I also use the Z- Systems RDP-1. I highly recommend this unit. It replaced my Theta Pro Gen Va because I got tired of waiting for the Gen VI. It is noticable superior accross the board. I have not heard the Dodson so I can't compare. It is particularly good on very complex orchestral music. I highly recommend it.
By the way everybody, the Dodson is nearly twice the price of the MSB.