MSB Passive Pre Vs. Placette Passive

Can we have a shootout of opinions, please?
Never heard the MSB, but I think the Placette Volume Control is outstanding - in my system. Wouldn't do it any other way.
I have a Placette Passive and think it's great. If you buy one new there is no risk with an in-home trial. Every contact with Guy Hammel at Placette has confirmed the good reputation he has earned over the years. What a bonus to be able to speak with the designer of your component only a phone call away. I have not heard an MSB, but I am so content with the performance of the Placette that I am not motivated to audition others.
About two and a half years ago I attempted to contact MSB by phone and e-mail. I left two voice mail messages and two e-mails - received no response from them whatsoever. I ended up buying a DAC from another company who answers their phone and e-mail. I have spoken with Guy by phone (he picked up on third ring) and he seems to be readily available. This is very important when considering buying a high end product. A good friend has the Placette and is perfectly happy, says it's invisible in his system.