MSB owners tread : upgrades, comparisons etc.

Hello. Don't found such discussion in internet.
I now have 2 dacs. Power DAC and really better Platinum DAC1 upgraded to something between 3 and 4 (2d gen dac's, DF32x). The structure of all dac's is very similar.

I want to ask some questions :
1) Clocks. All msb dacs have standart clocks installed but there quality cannot be measured. So i ask who experiment with Femto Clock upgrade and compare Clock Installed and uninstalled. As there are also clocks on DF32x it can easily being unplugged from the board. This is really interesting question.
2) who compare in direct comparison the dac's with 2d dac moduls and signature (or diamond) moduls. They are not only better in measurements but according to manual completely different inside (they are four-quadrant dac's, not two) so the sound can be different
3) Who compares two MSB dac's in one system. For example DAC3, DAC4, Analog dac. How they are different.
4) Different opinions but according to pdf (fifo buffer and reclocking) MSB is completely not independent to quality of transport. But people write it is there. Measurements at Stereophile tells there is no differenct. I don't hear it also. So whay is going on ? :)
5) Whay DAC's beat MSB and why ? i heard about more detailed ess9018 dac's (even compare to Mytek) and more natural and musical tube dac's.

I can say about interesting features in this dac because really interesting engineer investigations were made such as direct unbuffered exit without opamp from dac moduls etc. It is writtten in pdf so it is "documented-undocumented" feature :)

ps MSB made really awesome things from both sights of user and engineer