MSB Nelson DAC Link III, got pictures?

Does anyone have pictures of MSB DAC Link III and/or MSB Nelson DAC Link III? I wish to compare the internal PC board of the stock Link and the Nelson upgraded Link. I just bought what should be a half Nelson and would like to find out what has been upgraded to the board.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.
I think that MSB's web site should be able to take care of your needs.
What I got is what's supposed to be the first production run of the half Nelson. However after opening the chasis my MSB looks very different from what I've seen on MSB website or on other websites with pictures of the Link with Nelson upgrade.

I need a picture of a stock link III dac to do comparison, but I couldn't find a good picture anywhere, thus the thread.
If you call MSB up directly and discribe what the inside looks like they should be able to tell you what you have. Or maybe you could send MSB, or post here, a picture of your unit. There by getting feedback on your usnit. Sorry, I don't own the Full Nelson, but rather the Gold link III. Also I don't have a digital camera. I hope this helps or maybe someone else can help you out.

BTW, did you look at the manual. If you don't have one it is available on line. I seem to remember that it is very specific about the upgrades and shows several picures related to the upgrades.
I've taken a few pictures of my Link DAC, if anyone could tell me which version it is or if it has any upgrades that'd be great!

Thanks ramstl for you input. BTW, is ramstl = St Louis Rams?

Here's the link to the pictures:
Uwloian: This may be a stupid question but I couldn't see the transformer in your pictures.
I just realize that you have to purchase an external power supply for the msb dac.
the Link DAC III has an outboard power supply, kinda like a laptop power adapter. You can also connect the link through a powerbase power module sold by MSB.
I'm not sure but this unit seems to be missing stuff. First, there is no upsampling switch on the back and has an optical instead of an AES in. Also, the internals appear to be missing a board, which contains much of the upsampling chips and jumpers. I'm at work and I am going by my memory on this last part.

I would call MSB up directly and confirm what unit you actually have. My thoughts are that you have a first generation MSB Link but I could be wrong.

BTW yes, it stands for the Rams!
Andy2, the MSB does come with an outboard power supply, but if you buy the optional powerbase 1000 it'll improved the sound dramatically (as ppl say in reviews).

Ramstl, the person who i bought it from said it is a first production run of a Half Nelson, which doesn't come with an upsampling board or a balanced input. What I'm concerned about is whether the Link has the upgraded parts (caps and resistors and opamps and such things)...

thanks for the input guys.
Well, I wish I could assist you further but I can't. I would really recommend contacting MSB directly. I know they would talk you through this on the phone. Good luck and let me know what you find out!