MSB Link DAC ModWright Upgrade

I have a MSB Link DAC II I am thinking about having ModWright upgrade. Has anybody had their Link DAC upgraded by ModWright? Was it the Level I or Level II upgrade? Is the Level II upgrade worth the extra money (or the Level I upgrade for that matter)? Thanks in advance for your input.
Go all the way. The small extra cost is worth for the full mods. You could also send it to Dusty Vawter or Stan Warren.
Sugarbrie, Dusty Vawter suggested ModWright. Any idea how I get in touch with Stan Warren?
Stan's phone number in Oregon (pacific time zone) is 541-344-3696
use dan wright .....he is a stand up guy and is there when you need him he helped me out with a msb issue when he didnt have to...i have a link dac and its going to him soon talk to both and tell them what you are looking for in sound ....i havent had any dealings with stan but he sounds great to.....remember power supply upgrade