MSB Link Dac 3 vs Nad c541 vs Rotel rcd 971

Hello folks I would appreciate some help deciding on how to upgrade the audio end of my HT system: Rotel RSP 985 processor,985mk2 110w 5ch amp, Sony DVP-S570D,b&w cdm7,cdm center,cdm 1,asw 2000. I listen to mostly rock, jazz, blues some classical and pop, listening room aprx 12' by 18'. The new nad player has 24/96 dacs and is a great value. The Rotel is a decent player and would match well with my system. I've heard that the Link sounds as good as a dedicated cd player costing around $1200??. Anyone have any experience with any of these units? What would you recommend?
I have a Dan Wright modded Link 111 and it has the best sound that I have personally been able to get from my system.It has excellent detail and transparency, great pace and is musically satisfying. Its much better than 16 bit 44.1 dacs that I've heard. It is definitely worth investigating
I have a Stan Warren modded Link DAC. Also very pleased as Hankcan with his mod. A stock Link DAC is also very nice, but the extra money for the mod is money well spent IMO.