MSB Gold Link III

I am considering purchasing a MSB Gold Link III with the P1000 Power Base for a second system. This is the 24 bit, 192khz version. Anyone have any thoughts on this unit and how much it is worth?

Its a good unit I had one on my second system also I paid $975 as a demo unit and traded it plus cash for a platium dac and what a difference. I didn't have the p1000 power base I was told it didn't make much difference. Any were between $650 and $850 is a good price for the Gold link III. If you can swing it for $1700 to $2000 you can get a Platium Dac now your in a totally different league.
It is a fine unit that sounds as good and better than other processors at its price point. When used with a REGA planet it inproved the sound greatly, i.e., more extended frequency extremes and tighter, better and depper bass. If you are familar with Meridian sound it is similar to the 508.24. However, it is more accurate, (IMO) than the 563 processor.

I bought one used and still own it. Shortly after I purchased it, (6 months) it had difficulties locking on to a signal. I sent it back to MSB and within a week or so it was up and running in my system again. And, get this, they didn't charge me a dime and paid for shipping. How is that for customer service!!!!!!! You won't find many companies that pay for the repairs of an out of warrenty used piece equipment. MSB gets 5 stars in my book.

BTW, since the repair I have had absolutely no problems with it.

I would suggest that if you play 44.1 CD you set the internal jumper to 132 instead of the 96. IT is even math for upsampling and sounds better.

The going price for these units with the power base seems to be around $800-900. If you can get it cheaper than that go for it.
Thanks for your thoughts. I am sure the platinum is a major step up, but I can't really justify the $$$ for a 2nd system (3rd, really) I have had the opportunity to demo the Gold Link III for a couple of days with and without the P1000 and I think it does sound better with the P1000, though there is not a huge difference. Your suggested price range is for the Gold Link III only, correct?

Thanks again!