MSB DAC's Popularity

Hello All,

I would appreciate some insight on the above. I'm in the market for a DAC with volume control and am exploring the Discrete or Premier. I question the lack of reviews and even dialog on AGon? The limited reviews that appear portray stellar performers; however, not many exist on the used market. Are they so good that no one sells? Or, is the price/performance not commensurate and nobody buys? I do love the future-proofing built into their designs! Could you please share your experiences with those who own or have auditioned? I'm looking for an end-game product, if that is even possible in digital. 



Just love the shaming of 2K to 5K DAC buyers, when 20% of the population can't afford healthcare. What peak white privilege.  

well, if somebody is struggling to buy insulin… a $2k DAC is an absurdity…. i am blessed, i know it….

i just picked up an msb analog dac w power base, will be fun to compare it to the others on hand (weiss, audio note, chord stack, and so on) ... first reaction is it is rich and silky smooth, easeful, yet has impact and insight, quite impressed... many terrific ’analog’ qualities along with the utter blackness of background and fine microdetail that the best digital affords