So who has one and what level...Platinum vs. Diamond ? Is the diamond worth the extra $$$ ? Looking for impressions opinions. Does anyone know if hi-rez pcm burned to DVD using the UDF 1.5 or later format/protocall be playable on the MSB Universal transport (This is how I play these files on my PS Audio Perfect Wav) ? TIA
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Okay, done some more research by the time this post made moderator approval. I am sure it will play my DVD' looking for impressions from those who own or who have heard MSB. BabyBear has already chimed in on his all out assault thread.
I heard the MSB set up at the Newport Audio Show and it was, hands down, the finest digital I heard at the show. Little did I know it was a CD playing and not some kind of streaming. It took only two notes and the start of Harry Connick singing and I was hooked. It was the cleanest, most natural sounding digital playback I've heard, anywhere.
(I haven't heard a lot though so grain of salt and all)

I couldn't tell you if it was the Diamond or Platinum but it had the Femto clock in it. If I could afford that set up (the DAC and transport) I would be sorely tempted. I know it's not the latest thing to spring up but it does sound beautiful and it can play lots of different formatted discs and stream as well.

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I'm a 95% vinyl guy...The MSB stack is $40K, the Pass Labs XS-150 Dual chassis mono-blocks will be around the same if I trade in my XA-100.5's. I can't do both right now. Leaning towards the amps....trying to be sane here.
That's a hell of a lot of money for what is deemed the best, for now.
Let sanity prevail.

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I own a DAC IV Signature. It has put an end to the merry go round of source units as now I have no need to upgrade my Digital source. You should give it a listen. I Highly recommmend you hear it with a MSB trasport however.