MSB DAC III compared to the Platinum Plus unit

Guys has anyone compared the Newest Dac III to the older Platinum Plus units ?

What are the differences and are the new ones worth the big price difference ?

I tested the DAC III the sound is much warmer and more detailed that the Platinum Plus. I have three MSB DACs in my home theater. A DAC II(sides) and two Platinim Plus
for the center and the rears. There was a timing issue with the DAC III so it wouldn't work with the other DAC's
because the DAC III is so much faster. Huge difference between DAC III and Platinum Plus. If I had just a two channel that's where I would put my money but for me I couldn't afford three DAC III feel free contact me if you have any questions
I have the platinum Plus which I have upgraded to the 16X filter and the 2nd Gen DACs, which I believe the III comes with standard. There is a significant step up in sound from from the standard DACs and filter. I would comment the same as Robertbrown. If you already own the Plus, it will cost roughly $3000 to bring it up to the III in performance. I have been testing the "temp" version of the latest filter software and it is quite nice, more air and extension. I will probably buy the filter for $200. From what I have been told by others, the 32X filter and Sig DACs take the DAC even further, but at a cost of over $10K I can't swing it. (even with the $1000 trade in for my 16X)
If you have really deep pockets MSB now offers a "Diamond" DAC upgrade for $14K.
thanks guys great info here for sure.