MSB Analog DAC with MQA

I just wanted to share with those of you with the MSB Analog DAC. I recently received the new MQA USB module and it really works well. I have been playing Tidal MASTER files through the old Quad Rate USB and they were good but with the full MQA decoding the sound is really much better. I have a fuller more detailed sound stage, easier to identify individual instruments but the blending into a whole is also much nicer. Soundstage slightly wider but much more depth, the quiets are easier to pin point without being overwhelmed by louder notes. Very happy with the upgrade. I stream through an Aurender N100SSD with Tidal. As far as my own files, DSD, Hi Res PCM, redbook all still sound great. 

Congrats davt, on your MQA feedback.

I’ve got the MSB Select II with the MQA quad rate USB also and have really enjoyed the MQA master files on Tidal. i have to admit i was a serious skeptic on MQA but no more. some of those files are very, very, good. I would generally agree with your descriptions. it’s a more musical, less ’processed’ type sound.

the quality does vary with the resolution differences; the best being the 192-24 and 352-24 files. my own higher rez files are also better.

i use the SGM server with HQ Player, Roon, and Tidal and it’s very seamless and easy to navigate.