MSB Analog DAC experience

I am considering the MSB Analog DAC to add computer audio and streaming to my system. I demo'd an MSB and am pretty impressed. I would like anyone's experience concerning need for volume control, I plan of keeping my preamp, upgraded power supply etc. Thanks.
Looks nice. NEver heard of it before though.

If you heard it and liked it, I'd say give it a try. I doubt it could sound anything but good.

Only caveat is to know if you have any recourse with the vendor if you don't like it for any reason. I tend to shy away from any vendor if they do not have a solid customer satisfaction policy these days. Too many fish in the sea to ever have to muck with poor customer service these days.
As I'm sure you know, the volume control option can only be added when the unit is initially built. Even if you don't plan to use it, I think having it will improve the resale appeal of the unit, should that time ever come.
I personally am not a fan of the MSB DAC, but that really isn't germane to the volume control issue. In my, I would have to say fairly extensive experience, except for very expensive pre's like the AR Ref, you are better off direct connecting and using the volume control in a player on your computer.

After configuring the unit I'd like from their site, I was approaching $15k. Yikes!
Davt, i have the MSB Analog DAC with the upgraded Power Supply and I like it a LOT! I opted for the volume control too, but really only for re-sell protection. I run the MSB into my tubed Holvland HP-100 pre.

I use a Mac Mini as my music server with an external 3TB hard drive connected via FireWire as my storage device. I use Audirvanna on the Mini as my player. Very happy with this setup.

The MSB Analog DAC is not cheap, but overall I liked its sound better than most of the mega DACs costing much more. I spent some time comparing the Analog DAC to a number of other DACs before makng the purchase. I auditioned the Wyred for Sound, Benchmark, ExoSound, EAR Dacute (my second ranked choice afer the MSB), Ayre Q-9, PS Audio Perfect Wave II, and the Bricasti M1 and a few others I can't remember at the moment.

The Analog DAC is nice and 'smooth', not 'digital' like so many other DACs that I have heard. It produces an exceptionally wide soundstage left-to-right and front to back with excellent layering (when it's all there in the recording of course). Presentation of detail is excellent, highs are very extended but not bright or edgy. It is not a 'detail freak' like the Benchmark for example, but I found it to be much more musical overall; a lot like how musical really good vinyl can be.

I liked the Analog much more with the upgraded power base; a must have in my opinion. In the event that you ever try to sell the Analog used it will probably help to have the volume control, so yes, I would get that added.

Also, the Analog is not a true 'balanced' design so it sounds much better just RCA.

I bought mine last December and would make that purchase again without question. I am pretty sure that that the Analog DAC will be all that I need for the next five years or so...maybe longer.
thank all for your input. I am going from primarily an analog set up to computer audio due to space constraints. I went ahead and ordered an Analog DAC with volume and upgrade power supply. We'll see how it goes.
Davt, did you receive your Analog DAC? How do you like it?
Stickman451, yes, I did get the MSB Analog DAC and like it a lot. I got it with the USB that was later upgraded to the new USB II for DSD x4 but mainly because it sounds better with the regular rebook as well downloads. I also got a Universal Media Transport Plus and run files through that to the Analog DAC. Running through the UMT+ sounds the best but I cannot do gapless that route so the upgrade in the USB for files that sound better gapless. My Herron M1A are a perfect match as well. Very happy.
Congrats... That sounds like a great setup. I have heard nothing but great things about this DAC...Enjoy...
I have heard someone prefer the aftermarket power supply compared to the power base, e.g. ben lau. does anyone know that teradak also makes LPS for the Analog dac ?
Their is a MSB Analog Full Stack for sale, with Ground Isolated Wifi Controller, Network Renderer, Quad Rate DSD.
Since this thread has come up and I was the original poster I thought I would share my near 18 month report. I love the Analog Dac. I also have the UMT Plus transport, ( now called the UMT V ), for playing actual discs. I gave up vinyl for this when someone with a desire to get into vinyl made me an offer on all my analog equip and the entire LP collection. No regrets at all. I play discs, mainly SACD and have an Aurender N100H ( with SSD ) and play high res downloads, ripped CDs ( use dbpoweramp to rip to a sinology NAS ) and play tidal. I am ripping fewer CD's as most of what I have I can find on Tidal and it sounds great. I have the musical liquid sound I had with my vinyl and now I have a few million albums to choose from. The music I really like I will buy a high resolution download or SACD. I actually listen to music more since I went to the MSB analog dac. Now, if I had unlimited space and money, I would get vinyl again as well but as I don't, I am pretty happy with the current set up. 
Yeah, Tidal is great. Get a good DAC (of course the sky’s the limit) and you have simple state of the art sound.
The Tidal Beatles music sounds great.
Tidal seems to sound better than any ripped redbook CDs (hard to believe, but true as I hear it).
But I spin discs also, redbook and sacd...

davt, thanks for the followup. Your last sentence is telling:
Now, if I had unlimited space and money, I would get vinyl again as well but as I don't, I am pretty happy with the current set up.
As good as digital now is, the need for true analog persists.