MSB 4X Upsampling upgrade 192K unsampling board

Any one has install the MSB 4X Upsampling upgrade(192K unsampling board) into the Link 3, Nelson link or Gold link?
The same board that used in the Platinum plus.

I think the costs is $600. Is it much better than the original 24/96 unsampling board?

I've just recently acquired a Gold Link III DAC with the 192K upsampling board. It's used presently as the second half of an MSB network with 192K input coming from a player modified with MSB's 192K upgrade for players. I haven't tried using the 192K board with regular balanced inputs.

Both player and MSB Gold Link have been turbomodded by Empirical Audio.

In this configuration I hear a BIG difference between using the MSB network versus upsampling at 96KHz. The soundstage is wider and deeper, there's more detail in the music, everything is a little more 3D. The only negative I can hear is what seems like a small loss in precision of location with some instruments. I'm not sure if this is a loss of precision or a result of instruments just getting more spacious.
Unfortunately I think they want $899 for the 192k board now, but I'd also be curious to hear from someone who has tried it.
Hi Briefremarks, have you compare the 24/96 unsample board with the 24/192 unsample board?
The list price is $899. When you try to add to the cart to buy it, it will show $599.