MS Windows 7 "Room Correction" feature?

Has anybody tried the automatic room correction feature in the Sound Control Panel for Windows 7? If so, what did you use for a microphone for calibration (I need to be able to sample low frequencies - to 40Hz)? I have a problem with excessive low bass (around 50-60Hz) in my room that I am stuck with because I can't really move the subwoofer, and I need the higher bass frequencies to supplement my small speakers.

I am using itunes or Media Center 18. Is there a manual equalization feature I can use in or with Media Center instead?
Unfortunately I can't answer your question directly, as I don't use my computer for tuning. I chose to go with a Pioneer Elite unit that tunes for standing waves, frequency response, and phase control. It came with a microphone that has a mono 1/8" jack, and I'm sure if you're mic input is the same size you could order one from Pioneer.

Also my setup uses a dedicated set of six ported 6" JL Audio subs to play the 50- 125Hz range. Perhaps you could build something smaller tuned to fill that gap?

Hope I helped,

Synesthesia Studios
I have not used Media Center version 18, but Media Center 16 has a manual EQ and parametric EQ under the DSP Studio menu. I don't think they removed these features. Click around and you'll find it.
Mysearcher257, Equalizer still in there in MC version 18 and it works. Big help!