MS Nova Phenomena is Rega Aria

I have a new Rega P8 with a Hana sl cartridge. I have a Musical Surroundings Nova Phenomena which I have used with a Rega P5 for a few years. Musing about the Rega Aria.  Anyone hear both of these phono stages with a Rega table? 

We sell the Rega Aria and it is really excellent sounding, we use it with a Rega RP 8 Alphetta and the sound is really magnificent. 

Think Tone audio gave the Aria a rave review. The phono stage is quiet, dynamic, and overall very well balalnced.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ
Thank you for the quick response. What I am hoping is that someone familiar with both phono amps, having a sense of any different sonic characteristics between the two, would post a response.