Mravinsky Shostakovich Recordings USSR State Symph

Does anyone have any recordings of Mravinsky conducting Shostakovich #5 and any other works with the USSR State Symphony? These are bound to be LP as I cannot find reference to them ever being brought to CD or SACD.

What are your thoughts on these performances? I am extremely interested in laying my hands on a copy of each...

I have all the Mravinksy with Lenningrad discs I can find (CD) and find the performances to be raw, realistic and true to form with great Shostakovich but I am hoping to hear the USSR State recordings as well as some of them have the reputations of legend (particulary #5).

Send me an Audiogin in-mail to my Inbox if that would be more appropriate for this discussion.

Thanks in advance for the help!
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Try to get in touch with Peter Fuelop of Mikrokosmos in Toronto. He might be able to help you on.
Thank you!
Don't know if you have this one on CD, Mravinsky conducting the Leningrad Philharmonic playing Symphony No. 12 OP. 112 "1917". It's on the Erato label and is an ADD recording. I find it to be excellent in performance with very good sound. I know you were looking for the USSR State Symphony but you might want to consider this CD as well.
Thank you...I recently found a copy of the 5th on Melodiya that shipped out of Europe/Russia; it has the 5th with Lenningrad and Song of the Forests with USSR State (I wish these pairings had been reversed!). It's excellent. I did also pick up the boxed set from Erato (12 CDs) recently and have found those recordings including the 12th that you mentioned above to be excellent as well! The others I picked up including the Alto release of the 8th with and the Regis release of the 11th; all with Mravinsky and Lenningrad, all excellent. Thank you for the help everyone, i will contact Peter F. in Toronto and see if he can help me locate a 5th with USSR State....