Mr. Clean - Erase`

I thought someone somewhere said that Mr. Clean Erase is good for cleaning the stylus. Does anyone know anything about that, and how it's done??
Look at this post from Dougdeacon for information:

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

Doug and Paul originated the idea, AFAIK, and it works. Just be careful to follow Doug's directions. For more extended discussions, do a search at Audio Asylum in the Vinyl forum.
It's a tip I picked up here and it WORKS! My M97xE stylus was looking black, lumpy, and fuzzy, and a few strokes with a Magic Eraser cleaned it in no time. I now give the stylus a few strokes with the Eraser between every 2 or 3 records to keep it fresh.
Check this:
Some things not mentioned in that particular M.E. post:

- clean the stylus after every side (important)

- dry brush first to remove any loose fluff, then M.E. it

- always dry brush or ZeroDust after using the M.E., to remove any M.E. fibers (they're abrasive, you don't want them on your vinyl)

Anyone wanting a writeup can email me. I have a Word doc explaining the research and several methods of safe, effective usage based on our experience and that of many happy users. Also, as Rushton said, a search on VA will turn up hundreds of posts.

Amusingly, there's now a U.K. audio outlet selling M.E. based stylus cleaners for £6 apiece, I'm thinking patent infringement suit. ;-)

The before/after stylus photos at the bottom are pretty interesting, though the grunge remaining near the cantilever in the "after" photo can be removed by a better technique than simply dipping the stylus in the M.E. That technique (explained in the Word doc) is mildly riskier, but also more effective.
I have been using the Magic Eraser to clean my Lyra Titan for about three months now. I have ceased looking for a replacement cartridge. My Titan is about three years old and has approx 1300-1500 hours. Still sounds great, I am thinking I can get another 2-3 years of play from it now.

Thanks for posting that link. That's the Word doc I offered above. I sent it to Arthur months ago but didn't know he'd posted it up on his site. Makes it easier for all to read.

As a complete aside, there was a TV program here that talked about the level of well known carcinogens in the ME. We no longer have any in the house - but they sure did work!! No motherhood here, just thought it was interesting.


We looked at that aspect before posting our ME recommendation. It's been awhile, but IIRC the carcinogens are chemically bonded within the ME. Used dry, they cannot be released.

Just my recollection, I'm not the chemist in the house.
OMG!! Were all going to die!!
Doug is right. The chemical in question is Formaldehyde, but in a harmless form called a monomer. It is combined with some other chemicals in a process called polymerization. In other words it is PLASTIC. All plastics are polymers that start from some gaseous or liquid petroleum product that when processed, all the molecules 'bundle' together (polymerize) to form plastic.

Take your vinyl records. They are poly(vinyl chloride). Obviously your LP's aren't Toxic, but the raw material - vinyl chloride - is a very poisonous gas.
One last word of advice, as has been discussed here at lenght. No "Strokin", only "Dunkin" with the Mr Clean ME!
johnjbarlow: the first sign of illness caused my ME is extravagant use of exclamation marks :)
I gently pull towards me on the ME after my cart slowly lowers onto it. Once between every record LP side is sufficent. I guess you then shouldn't play your Billy Squier records after cleaning with the Magic Eraser....

How about this???
LOL!!! Good to see there's a sense of humor here. Cheers. Uh oh, I'm getting symptoms.