On my digital side I have an Aurender W20 server with a Metrum pavane level III DAC.    When I stream music I am using the HiFi TIDAL. The Metrum has an option of purchasing a card that I would install to add MQA capabilities. From what I have read there is some controversy as to whether MQA is a positive or negative to the sound of digital. I was interested in thoughts on whether I should add the module. 
Hey, sorry I don’t know answer to that question re Teac dac.

i got mine and ran it awhile without the firmware update but wasn’t really focused on the question at hand, more really was just fumbling trying to get the fw updated (doing so not as easy with most modern hardware). But yeah, I really like it. 
MQA is a marketing ploy. No one needs it, but since it generates lots of profit it won’t die. There is no issue streaming hi rez files anymore. That’s the problem MQA is supposed to solve. So to continue the ploy they tell you that compressing the data and then decompressing it with their special technique somehow enhances the sound quality. It’s now better than the original. They can’t prove it, but people somehow believe it. And billions will be pocketed by the people behind MQA. Yes, I’m jealous I didn’t think of it first. 
MQA just adds distortion. The original full resolution version of any digital file (same master) always sounds better because they are lossless. MQA claims are entirely false.
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