MQA - What is your favorite content?

Now that there is enough MQA content on Tidal, I thought it's time to chime in with your favorite albums. There's been plenty of threads in past couple of months about the MQA news, album contents and some naysayers of the new format.  

I for one, loving the prospect of MQA streaming at no additional charge.  And yes, to my ears MQA content does sound better than 44.1kHz files. If you don't agree, that's quite alright.  For those of us who are excited about the next step in HiFi streaming, this thread is for you.

Please share your favorite MQA album. 

Here are some of my favorites, 

DOORS ....L.A. Woman
Dan Auerbach....Keep it Hid
Blake Shelton.....If I'm Honest
The Nordiac Sound...2L Reference Recordings
a-ha....Hunting High & Low
Phil Collins....Hello I Must Be Going
Bill Evans...Affinity 
Foreigner - 4

Enjoy the music! 

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The Led Zeppelin Masters are the best I have heard from Led Zep!

I agree with the sound quality being better than most CD. Whether this is MQA or just better Mastering is debatable, however, there is no denying that there are some absolutely fantastic sounding albums in the Masters section on Tidal.
I'm not even a fan of Yes, but the MQA "Heart of the Sunrise" from Fragile made me feel that my system had never sounded better.
Young Americans by David Bowie got a nice facelift with MQA vs the sacd quality recording I've had. The background singers and sax throughout are more dynamic and present.  I have a pretty modest system by Audiogon standards - Adcom amp and pre, with a cambridge audio dacmagic to do the D/A conversion.I use an M2Tech hi face to reduce jitter. MQA seem to be an across the board upgrade on older recordings. The Doors, as OP mentioned, Stevie Wonder. On my equipment, MQA makes everything a little better-smoother, more definition between instruments, more defined bass, more soundstage depth. 
Great thread!
Try Ray Charles and Milt Jackson
"Soul Brothers" & Crosby, Stills & Nash "CSN". You never heard them sound so good. But not every MQA offering sounds excellant, many do not.
If you want your socks blown off, try Ray Charles, The Genius of Ray Charles, track "Deed I Do" on MQA. 

Crime Of The Century by Supertramp.

I have a superb vinyl pressing of this and the MQA version in full 192 absolutely floored me!

Also pleasantly surprised by a couple of old Uriah Heep albums on MQA

Lindsey Buckingham and Christie McVie

Soulfire by Little Steven

Love the fact that there are new masters albums to check out every single day, keep it going Tidal!

I was excited to attend a DCS demonstration with an MQA representative present to listen to MQA content.  I was hoping to hear a comparison between a 24/192 file and the same file in MQA.  Question 1, "Can we hear a comparison?"  Nope...he said something about studios wouldn't release their masters for a comparison.  Question 2,  "How much is the licensing agreement?"  He couldn't answer since the agreements are under a non disclosure agreement.  I took this to mean that the licensing agreement dollar values are variable depending on the client.  So how did the MQA files sound?  Since I couldn't compare them to another non MQA file I really don't know.  I always get a little suspicious when someone tells me how good it's going to sound...I always trust my own ears.

Clearly, by the conversation, MQA was created for the streaming audience.  He indicated that there would be MQA cd's/players for the Japanese audience.    

I'm not anti MQA by any stretch of the imagination, but this encounter left me a little cold.


cool Goose...but what are some of your favorite MQA tunes?

Van Morrison - Common One