MQA DAC or Not?

I’m running a Mac Mini with Audirvana to a DAC and recently decided to upgrade my DAC to a Schiit Gungnir Multibit only to discover that Audirvana and the Schiit don’t work together.
Currently I can get the Schiit dac to work with iTunes but not with Audirvana, won’t run in direct mode or at all with the Gungnir.

Questions?Ideas on getting these to work together?Or should I return the Schiit dac which isn’t MQA friendly and find a MQA compatible dac?
It seems weird that it won't work with the Gungy. I would contact Audirvana and get some help directly.
As for MQA, I will probably be lighting fires, but, in my opinion, it is something that should be left to fend for itself. Should it become an industry standard, then I will get on board. With the way DAC technology is going, MQA might just be the Betamax of the 21st century.
I agree with the above. Please call Audirvana and review this problem with them.  It should work and they should be able to help.  

You also might need to call Schiit for assistance. It could be a setting or something similar. 

The future of MQA is unknown and I would not be anxious to implement it.  Similar conversations are happening with DSD, double DSD and quad DSD.  There are too many formats and probably more coming.   

Please keep us posted.  
Lol. With the right DAC 16 bit 44.1 sounds fantastic. Who needs MQA or DSD is exactly my feeling.
MQA may be DOA
Call Audirvana? Do you know something I don't?
Audirvana has a customer support system that requires registration and so far my registration hasn't been approved so I have no way of communicating with them about the issue. If you have a phone number for Audirvana can you share?
You can send them an email via this link:

And please Google them to see if you find a phone number. 

Please also see this link:
Please also call Schiit: