This is not a critique of MQA, as my exposure to it is limited to 2 sampler CDs I bought off Amazon. One is classical and one is jazz and they were pretty cheap. I know Chesky is doing some MQA encoded CDs as well, but I’ve had enough Rebecca Pidgeon already. In any case, the packaging is very nice and the CDs are green, which is always a guarantee of superior sound, as you well know. You also get a 2nd CD, presumably the same mix without MQA, so you have the opportunity to hear the difference, if any. My Oppo 205 is supposed to read MQA discs, but nothing lights up indicating anything happening, but I’ll trust Oppo on that I guess. To cut to the chase, the discs sounded unbearably forward and shrill, as if the engineers tried to tip things up in order to impress the listener. Also, as I’ve said about some other Japanese pressings in the past, they are immaculately manufactured, but sound as if they were made from inferior sources, such as late-generation tapes or whatever. The alternate discs sounded unlistenable to me as well and I ended up putting them on the shelf. Again, this is not about MQA, which many people seem to like, but I was hoping for a much better listening experience. Last - all liner notes are in Japanese, so unless you are fluant, you won’t learn much from the packaging. They’re cheap enough to be worth a try.
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The original Pidgeon CD was of exceptional recording quality, so I have no doubt that the MQA version sounded good as well.  I would hope Chesky wouldn't remix an MQA release for the purpose of duping buyers, but you never know.