MQA and new DAC's

Looks like MQA is making its presence felt and it may be good to wait a while before getting a new hi-res dac for the time being :-
MQA buzz at CES 2016 :-

What will it portend? How will things pan out?
I for one am pretty excited.
Proof in what it sounds home.
Most of the negative ranting appears to me anyway to be from few who have contributed anything to advancing technology, music, etc.. critics abound.
Interesting that A died in the wool analog gig like Vandersteen is hearing some good things..flipping him is a BIG task
some Good questions about DRM, file size, the "magic" processing associated with removing pre and post ring. The province of the chain ( what A to D and D to A used..and where..cumulative effects, etc..
but I do believe it is an honest, science based attempt to move the ball fwd.

Yes, this is very exciting new tech indeed. More so with the many big names coming on board. Sounds like a great start. My humble prediction is that it will be an overwhelming success with new MQA DAC models within a year or two, from dcs and Berkeley.
I just cant believe how year after year after year the Audio industry cannot get on board as a whole and support a single format for digital. The video industry did this with Blue Ray. Why are there so many digital formats? And the lingo is even all mixed up...Servers, Nas, Players, Dacs, pre amp /dacs/ MQA format. Its very confusing for the novice to add or upgrade to a great digital source because of this. IMO.  I hate having to learn all about this stuff too. I don't like digital :-( music......LOL .  Try and explain all this crap to your 80 year old Dad who wants to add a music server to his system so he can listen to all his classical favorites!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH! kill me now please.
@mattmiller , I am in full agreement. They do it just to sell more product, and keep you buying new. They don’t care if what they sell you is obsolete in 6 months. That’s the game.

I have no computer audio setup yet, but have been thinking about it a lot lately. It is very confusing, that much I can tell you.
Servers, Nas, Players, Dacs, pre amp/dacs/MQA format ..kill me now as well please. ;^)
The simplest least confusing route to computer audio is to take the computer out of the equation. 

A one-box usb-dac with a usb A-port/sd card slot will get you there painlessly. Just download music to a portable flashdrive/harddrive/sd card which is then plugged into the usb-dac and you are done. 

These plug-and-play usb-dacs can be from Pioneer, Teac/Technics, Cambridge Audio, Marantz, Resonessence Labs(sd card only), Naim,  etc. 

J. :)
Auralic and MQA :-

The comments section below throws some more light.
I agree with Jmcgrogan2 and the Matt Miller. It has taken me 50 years to understand audio. I don't have another 50 to figure out this stuff.

I would agree with all 3 of you.
It took me a long while before dipping my toes into computer audio and I subsequently removed the computer from the equation by getting a one-box solution, a usb-dac that can input from a flashdrive either to my current dac(coax digital) or to my preamp(analog).
Yes, we can all wait for the one-box MQA solution.
Bluesound and MQA :-

The proof is in the listening and in this very brief report, it sounds promising.
Best write-up on MQA so far :-