mp3 vs CD

can a 320 Kbps mp3 sound as good as a CD
I'm not a Audio expert so my question may sound lame
No, mp3 by its nature is lossy compression. You lose information. The bit rate affects how much you lose, but you still lose...
MP3 at best sound as good as average FM.
Probably only inside your car with Bose system.
I tried it inside Merc E430(Bose speakers inside) and Ipod(with the most minimal compression according to the Mac) sounded much better than built-in CD-player.
Tried the same thing in my home rig -- got the same thing reversed.
thanks for the info
this also means that CDs burned from mp3 can not sound the same as the original CDs correct?

how about copyed CDs Original to CR-R is tehere any quality loss?
W/ my limited exposure to MP3's - 3 @ 320k - I'd opine that they are the equivalent to the best of FM radio, w/o the heavy compression of FM radio.

320's are very interesting, though the 10Mb file size is daunting.