mp3 Player

I want to buy a 20Gb hard drive mp3 player but I am not sure which one to buy, I want to spend about $250. My main focus is sound quality. The Rio Karma is my top choice but people have reported that it is not reliable (, what I really like is the parametric equalizer. My other picks are Creative Zen Touch, Apple iPod, Dell Digital Jukebox DJ.

What should I buy?

get the i River IHP-120, or even better for another 60 bucks the 140 which has the 40 gig hard drive. I got the 140 and it's really simple to use, preformatted for windows xp. It behaves just like a hard drive, just drop and drag files at will. Of course you do have to rip the music from your CDs first.

I only use mine for non critical listening (headphones while working, or in the car) but it sounds great and is very simple to use. These are the top rated MP3 player on Headrooms website. I've seen the 120s at best buy for 199.00.
I have the Zen Touch and am very satisfied with it. The sound quality is excellent for WAV files at 44.1 KHz and 16 bit.
For an audiophile the iPod is hard to beat in any respect! "Apple lossless" is really lossless and superior to MP3 - see John Atkinson in Stereophile.