Mozart Trios - Recommendations

I was recently appreciating Mozart's Trio in B-flat major for piano, violin and cello (K502) recorded for me on a cassette tape 15 years ago. It is so inspiring. I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a recent CD recording, or even a box set of similar material.

Thanks in Advance. Peter_S
I don't know if you can do DVDA, but if so get any of the Tacet Mozart discs. Problem is, I don't see them for sale anymore on this side of the pond.
The Proprius recording of the Mozart Piano Trios, K.502 & K.542, is very nice. The performers are Inger Wikström, piano; Bernt Lysell, violin; Ola Karlsson, cello. I know this recording from it's orginal release on LP but have not heard the CD transfer, which is currently available as PRCD 9054.
Thanks Doug. I also notice Naxos has the complete trios:

BIS-CD-513-14 MOZART, W.A.: Complete Piano Trios

and a Nimbus recording of the Vienna Piano Trio among others.

I've got an email into Proprius distributor May Audio to find out where to get this.

Any other suggestions?
Yes, here's one more: you can't go wrong with the Beaux Arts Trio recordings of the complete Mozart piano trios on Philips, recorded 1987, a boxed set of 3 CDs. Lovely performances and good sound.