Mozart on marimbas???

Earlier this year, Celebrity Cruises ran a TV commercial regularly that was backed by some interesting music of what sounded like a Mozart sonata played by a marimba band. It was quite intriguing. I've been trying ever since to ID it...anyone have a clue??
Probably BACH on WOOD by Brain Slawson but there are many CDs out these days by marimbists performing (deforming) Bach. (I'd stick with the string performances) Could be anyone of them. Most marimbists have no other gigs so they just practice Bach pieces ALL the time & do a CD at home & "release" it on their own indy label. Good luck finding it. BTW- what piece is it?
I don't know what the piece was; they only played about 30 seconds. It was an ensemble, not solo, and quite polished. It sounded more like Mozart or maybe Haydn than Bach; a bit too relaxed for JSB.
Hi -

There's an ensemble named Marimolin (Marimba and violin) that may have recorded Bach.