Mozart Fans Only

If you love Mozart as I (and Einstein)do, here's a great CD I just picked up. Boston Symphony Chamber Players - Chamber Music for Winds and Strings. A great selection of small-scale works. I highly recommend it for people just testing the waters of classical music. Very good playing and easy to listen to. Hybrid SACD, for those who have hi-rez players, but it will play on all CD players. Enjoy.
More about music - less about gear.]Mozart SACD

the difference between insanity and genious,is that genious has its' limitations.

Mozart led a pretty rough life, and only wrote one piece in a minor key. There's a half glass full kind of guy. They also found one of his early draft for a sonata. Turns out, start to finish, there was not one error, edit, Nothing!! That ain't just coming from him.
Insainity? Mozart? you got that wrong
Einstein? Insane? you got that wrong, as well. Eccentric is not insanity. Keep at it, you'll get some copy right. Start with colors and shapes.... :)
The real sob story is Schubert - not our beloved A'gon Schubert, but the real one. "Every night when I go to bed I hope I may not wake... I live without pleasure or friends." He considered his composition "useless". I wonder if he was an audiophile as well?
You know why? Ludwig Van. Shubert felt so inferior to Beethoven. He asked, and was, to be
buried next to him. Talk about low self esteem. Shit, if they only had Zanax back then, Franz would have been seeing the glass half full.