Moving up to MC Carts or upgrade other component?

My current system consist of:

VPI Classic 1 with HRX clamp, Clearaudio Maestro (broken) and Ortofon 2M black, VPI phono cable, Leben phono stage, audience 24 cable, CS600 amp, cardas quadlink five (bought 20 years ago), harbeth m30.

Listening room is a small but heavily damped room full of books and carpetd (4x4.5M) and left side is open to my living room. The speakers are placed wide and 1.5M from rear wall and toed-in so I am listening near field style.

I am happy in general with the overall sound and except I hope to have more focused and 3D imaging and better instrument separation.

Am wondering will the best route be upgrading to a high quality MC cart like Benz Micro LPs, Dynavector XV1, Lyra Skala (can get used for 2-3k usd) and I will also need a SUT (Bob's 1100 USD). Total upgrade cost will be around 4K with a good cable included.

To achieve my objective for excellent imaging, 'holographic soundstage' - would buying the said carts be overkill for this system you think? would I be better off save on a lesser MC cart to also upgrade other component instead? any particular components/models you could recommend?

Thanks in advance for sharing.

I am getting great results with my Classic 1 with a Pass XP15 phono stage and a dynavector xx2 mk2 Holographic in spades with outstanding bass and everything else you could want. I spent about 3800 for both and I would think you could get a good phono cable for a few hundred more and be within your budget.
hi swanny thanks so much for your recommendation, i am putting to the dyna xx2 on my list..but however i would like to keep leben rs30eq (with telefunken ecc83 nos)..

any other thoughts anyone?