Moving up to audiophile cdp

I am considering moving from my meridian 568 doing all processing to a separate SS preamp, inexp. processor, and quality cdp OR DAC. Thus far I have only used BB sony cdp/dvd players going into my meridian. I'm interested in the following:
Moon Equinox
Meridian 508.24
Sony scd777es
Music Hall Maverick

Any suggestions are appreciated. Would I be better off still moving away from the processor with a reasonable pre and getting a good dac to use with my existing BBuy cdp?

May I suggest an Ayre CX7e. I love mine and can't imagine upgrading this player for another redbook player. Best of luck in your quest!
I will suggest the Granite 657 . It can be purchased with a money back trial offer from the manufacturer . It consists of a SS side and a seperate tube side . The tube side has it's own attentuater (volume control) that can be wired directly to the amp . This has bested my previous CDP , which is highly regarded .
I migrated from a Meridian 508.24 (and also had a Sony SCD777ES) and feel that the Accuphase DP75V that I replaced these with was in a completely different league, making the other 2 players sound like mid-fi. The DP75Vs sell for around $4-5000 used.
Well, it's not on your list, but having owned MANY high-end players (Sony SCD-1, Ayre CX7-E, Resolution Audio Opus 21, Meridian), here's my suggestion: there's an Exemplar 2900 w/ Siltech wiring on the 'gon right now for $1600 or so. That player will knock your socks off :)

Good luck.
Thanks for all the responses. I didn't give my limitations in price, $1000 or so is my max. I've seen some of the new Chinese models that look good, but wonder how's the performance/quality?
Quad CDP-2 (9 series) is the one to beat in this price range (slightly higher but not by too much). Also hearing good things about the new Rega Apollo but not enough consensus yet.
Used Arcam fmj cd 23 or used Cairn Fog v. 2.0 with upsample.
How about the cary 303/100?
You can't go wrong with the meridian. I had the 506-20 and I liked it as good or better than my 777ES.
Used models to consider in your price range would be the Resolution 55 and the Arcam FMJ 23.