Moving up from Totem Arro

I've been waffling back and forth on what to do here. I want two things but can only afford one: new speakers and quality tube preamp. Upgrading the speakers makes the most sense after some thought (I think...). Does it to you guys?

What I like about the arro is that it's fairly small, has decent bass and images well. I'd like more resolution and midrange sweetness while maintaining those characteristics. I've placed it about a foot and a half from the back wall facing into an open concept living/dining room.

Restrictions are bass output as I live in an apartment building. So I'm leaning towards a better monitor or small floorstander with better components as really, the arro is fairly entry level.

I use a Pass Labs XA30.5 and PS audio directstream jr.

You might look at the Tekton Electron.

Disclaimer no affiliation just a happy owner of the Double Impacts.

In my opinion I think you'll find it difficult to find speakers that compare to Arros in terms of sounding bigger than they actually are, especially at their price range. You didn't mention a budget but in this price range I really liked the Dynaudio X-14 monitors. The Harbeth P3ESR is also real good especially if reaching down to lower octaves is not a requirement. Both are very apartment friendly.
+1 Harbeth P3ESR!
There is a mint pair listed here for $1550. You should make an offer on them!
That's a tough question.  Normally I'd recommend something like ProAc monitors and be on my way, but you've got good speakers that obviously do many things you like.  In this instance I'd be tempted to try a tubed pre first (since it sounds like you're going down that road anyway) as it may give you just what you're looking for while preserving -- or maybe even improving upon -- the other characteristics you like about the Totems. I'm in a similar situation and a pre I'm strongly considering is an SP14 from Don Sachs.  It's getting great customer reviews from audiophiles who have owned other excellent tubed pres, and I think he offers a brief trial period, which would be ideal in your situation.  Anyway, FWIW and best of luck. 
I thought my Arro's had decent bass, but they don't. I replaced them with Quad 23L and was astounded by the difference, and doesn't really take up more space.  Someone has them on a super closeout affiliation
Thanks everyone for their recommendations. At the moment I think around $3-4000 CAD would provide a sufficient upgrade. Have listened to forests and previously had hawks and what for I really like, as mentioned above, I think the Arros honestly do it better. It's just better of the same, again more resolution and midrange.

I am looking at a preamp by Don as well though I had no idea he offered any sort of trial, and I'm also in Canada. What we've spec'd out and what ultimately I want (Don doesn't think I need but I'm stubborn!) puts me in about the same price range as above. That preamp is likely an end-game piece I suspect.

The key will be apartment friendly speakers. I've thought about Joseph Pulsars as well but may be beyond my budget and do have to consider how close I could place them to a wall. Anything like 2' isn't an option I'm afraid.

I don't foresee purchasing a detached home in the next few years so condo/apartment style living is a restriction I will have to be strict on when making speaker choices.

I'm open to used options as well.