Moving up from the VDAC

decided now with tidal and a sudden influx of some dough i'd step my dac link in my audio chain. i'm not into spending crazy money on this $500 would be my top out. anyone have any suggestions? i listen to a lot of jazz, rock, funk, and electronic music. my current system is a squeezebox touch into the vdac into a decware zen torii mk iv feeding a pair of zu audio omens.
I am not sure what is to be gained upgrading a V-DAC with a sub $500 dac given a squeezebox touch as a source. Nothing against the touch, just that I have never listened to one. That said you might check into the Schiit Bitfrost dac, providing the touch outputs on coax you could get the non-USB version with the Uber analog upgrade. The USB input can be easily added later if that need arises. Though I have not owned one there are many on this forum that seem to enjoy theirs.
according to Stereophile the vdac is equal to dacs that cost thousands . It is rated a class a component . good luck
Take a look at the Schiit Bifrost - they have just upgraded their USB port which elevates this DAC into a "giant killer"

Also get the UBER analogue upgrade for truly superb audio

I have just upgraded the USB in mine and it amazed me how much difference it made. This upgrade is now standard with all new Bifrosts.

The performance of this DAC improves considerably with good cables

See this thread for more info

I moved up from VDAC to ZDAC last year with a lot of satisfaction. I plan to order the ZDAC-V2 for my next upgrade.
Any new DAC with Asynchronous inputs will improve the sound greatly.