Moving up from LSA Statement integrated


The move isn't really necessary, but if I were to upgrade my amp from the LSA Statement integrated (150W) I have now, which direction would you recommend I go in the $4K range. And is that even possible?

I could stay with an integrated - used or new. I could start saving up for separates. The LSA has a tube pre-amp and a duel mono SS amp. It's quite good, but I'm kicking the tires as to what would be the next step.

I'm powering Reference 3A de Capo's and listen to a variety of jazz, folk, and vocal.

I once had the ARC VS-110 and liked it powering my MAggie 3.6's. Should I go back to a tube integrated, a la Rogue? Would that be a downgrade?
I will say Simao that the speakers you are using are not a difficult load for a amplifier to drive. The LSA is a amplifier that can put out over 800 watts of dynamic power into a less than 1 ohm load. You could drive electrostatic speakers with no problem with that LSA. I think if you are keeping the speakers you could then choose a lower watt more musical sounding Tube based integrated amp or seprates.Get ready to audition at least 3 or 4 amps. The LSA will be hard to beat...good luck in your search for audio nirvana! One more thing you could consider upgrading your statement or going up the LSA line...give them a call, I would.
That's what I hear. But can I find an all tube integrated or even tube separates in the $4-5K range total that could match the Statement?
Haven't heard your amp or speakers so won't offer a specific opinion. Why not contact Reference and ask them directly about tube amps with the speakers you have; also maybe search the Virtual Systems section here if you haven't already see if any include your speakers and/or amp and contact some members who have them.
I did just that. Tash essentially told me to stay with the LSA until I can afford more than I can afford.

Will do.
Sorry,off-topic but how is the sound of your LSA integrated? What is lacking that makes you want to make a change? One more, where do I find info on these LSA mono-blocks and tubed pdf....can't find anything on them on their website. Thanks
The LSA is rich and powerful and a solid presence. It separates with being clinical and presents without making a trademark on the sound. Nothing's really lacking with it at all. My only reason for thinking about a change is the feeling that separates will always be better than integrated. Whether that's the case or not I don't know.

The pre-amp section of the Statement is tube. I replaced the stock with Mullard 12AT7's for a richer sound. The Statement itself has duel-mono design within, with each speaker being powered by its own transformer, etc.

Tash also recommended the Antique Sound Lab Cadenza monoblocks for a real treat, but I would have to get a comparably quality pre-amp, and that's way out of my price range.