moving up from Bryston B-60

I take it that power alone isn't reason to move to higher quality int amp, or to separates. When I turn my Bryston to 1pm, I can't imagine listening at any louder volume.

That being said, the music coming out of my speakers at that volume is considerably "better" than at normal listening level (~10-11 o'clock).

Does better amplification produce better quality sound at lower volumes?

Also, I've read where people use their B-60 as a preamp ... does this make sense, or can I get same quality preamp at lower price (and be able to use that money toward amp)?
this souns like a speaker thing, not an amp thing
I agree with Jaybo. What speakers and cables are you using? The B60 is a pretty clean sounding amp at all levels. You'd have to spend a bunch a get much better. You can get different for sure, but the B60 is quite a decent amp all things considered as it doesn't really do anything wrong, has a very nice midrange and sweet top end while being balanced sounding.
What do you mean by better at the higher listening levels? The highs, mids or lows, or all over. Some units lack what some consider poor bass response at lower listening levels. This often is the result of particular speakers needing more "power" during low level listening to give out greater bass output. The response from some gear makers is to employ the use of a loudness button for low level listening. Pros and cons to this approach. The use of a subwoofer can also help the low end when the volume is turned low whether due too speaker or amp.
My current speakers are Signet 280ex floorstanders. But I purchased Totem arros and they should arrive soon.

By "better", I mean mostly more detail, in this case. But we'll see what happens when I get the arros broken in.

SO to move up in sound quality from the B-60, is a considerable jump in price? At similar listening volumes do amps with more power sound better, say moving up to Bryston separates ...
Low level listening is what I do .
I have found that it is like anything else , synergy -synergy and synergy .
As stated above , you need well resolving easy to drive speakers and then look for an amp that will mate well with them .
I am not familiar with your gear but , the "it sounds better when I turn it up" thing is probably the easiest symptom to recognise and correct .

Good luck.
the totem is a more dynamic speaker than the old school signet, which is power hungry like older ar and advent models. the b60 is very, very balanced, and should mate nicely with the totems....even at low volume.