Moving tube equipment

I will be relocating some tube based amps soon. Since I'm doing the packing and driving (about an hour and 15 minutes) any thoughts on just leaving the tubes intact and packing carefully so the units cannot shift.  After unpacking just check to make the tubes are still properly seated.  The amps are not auto biased so having the right tube in the correct socket matters.  Yes I'm just being lazy and would rather not pull the tubes and mark etc....
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I have to admit after that first troll like response which again caused me to remember why I generally never post on forums the rest have been useful and humorous as well thanks to all ! 
We all need a smile at the moment ! 
When i move a piece of tube gear, I pull the tubes one by one and I mark the box with the tube position. V1 , V2 etc so my matched pairs stay matched.
I've already rolled the tubes so I have all the boxes labeled and marked amp serial number position etc. This is just what I'm trying to avoid for this short move. Plus I always feel every time you handle a tube the chance for the whoops moment. ...