Moving tube equipment

I will be relocating some tube based amps soon. Since I'm doing the packing and driving (about an hour and 15 minutes) any thoughts on just leaving the tubes intact and packing carefully so the units cannot shift.  After unpacking just check to make the tubes are still properly seated.  The amps are not auto biased so having the right tube in the correct socket matters.  Yes I'm just being lazy and would rather not pull the tubes and mark etc....
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If you are moving it yourself, and presumably being careful, there is no problem with leaving the tubes in the amp.  Removal is a precaution when the amps will be in the hands of uncaring strangers; that kind of handling can be brutal--dropped boxes, boxes that are turned upside down, etc.  I bet that makes the move just a little bit less of a hassle.
I'm looking at the same thing in a month moving my tube preamp.

Mick from Supratek who made the preamp said he ships them with tubes installed, that's the best give and take. Plan to put it on the car seat, blanket carefully draped around the tubes, anywave, just my thinking.
I should have left the "lazy" part and I am sincerely sorry for stating that and then starting a thread about it!!!
My plan was to pack them in their original boxes with some type of material (bubble wrap, peanuts etc) to prevent any movement, put in my car and drive judicially.  Obviously if I get hit by a truck the last thing I'm going to be worried about is a tube amp.
I've moved tube HiFi gear (tubes installed) 100's of times in cars and vans (for short distances) without mishap.

These were mainly Dynaco ST70's and MC30's being used as PA amps.

Same goes with tube guitar amps.

However, when doing so for long distances (Des Moines to Los Angeles) the power amps always needed to be re-biased.

Not certain I would still do so in the Los Angeles area due to the high % of BAD drivers and the need to lock ones brakes and/or take evasive manuevers.


Remember, there are thousands of tube guitar amps in use all over the globe, shipped everywhere, ruthlessly dragged into clubs and rehearsal spaces often against their will, dropped from loading ramps like my 70s Twin Reverb (saved by its Anvil case), knocked over by bar fights, roadies, angry girlfriends, angry boyfriends, large dogs, etc., and driven for days in the trunks of cars barely protected by a flimsy vinyl cover (the amps not the cars). Take your amps on an hour and a half drive? No problemo.