Moving to Tidal

I have a Cambridge CXN and have been using Spotify for the last year. Just spoke with Cambridge and got the niggles out with Tidal (simple, reinstall the app and reload the streamer). Clearly better sound on the Tidal. I love the "Release Radar" and artist radio on Spotify. Not seeing anything similar on Tidal. Any suggestions or should I keep some Spotify (cheaper subscription) and look for new music there?
I share your observations.
I often use Spotify discover to locate new artists and go to Tidal to find them. The tidal search is a joke, but if you have a specific album you are looking for, you will probably find it, though if it is classical, you might have less luck.
Waiting for Quobuz...
I downloaded tidal again to test their catalog against spotify . If you like rap or R&B or rock you're golden. But I'm a jazz guy with a nice amount of classical thrown in as well. I searched tidal for some of the stuff I listen to on Spotify, and if anything did come up it was one or two tunes. What good is better sound if you have nothing to listen too. I'm sure pretty much everyone on this forum has a really nice system for music. Spotify sounds great in my room, and for me it's about the music anyway. I'll check out Quobuz when it shows up, but if there is nothing for me to listen to, it's back to Spotify.
Just Listen.
+1 Coach,
Though many berate Spotify's non high rez output, I really don't find it all that bad. Yes, Tidal does sound better, even non-MQA, but if you can't listen to what you want, what does it matter?
I listen to jazz on Tidal constantly and find the catalog very good if not as deep as Spotify. For sound quality it's no contest I was sick of Spotify's sound before I even knew Tidal existed, Pandora Premium sounded noticeably better to me back in those days.
jond, I'm curious. What does Spotify sound like on your system.
On mine I hear an openness with macro and micro detail in a well populated soundstage. Tidal has all of that and more. Do you just listen to music on your main system all the time? I listen in the car, on my HT system and off my phone. The sound quality of these sources can't come close to my main system, but I still enjoy it. With me, It's all about the music. 
In non-audiophile terms, the sound on Spotify is "smeared." There is a lack of distinction between notes. The other term I use is 'confused."  Again lacking in clarity. With relatively simple music it is not so bad, but when listening to complex music with multiple instruments and crescendos it becomes more obvious.
In another old fashioned and non-audiophile term, I get listener fatigue. Nothing specific, just end up turning it off.
Make sure you take full advantage of the dual MQA unfolding, so you can reap up to 350kHz/24bit/1500kbps streams.

I converted to Tidal HiFi two weeks ago, what a difference:

1. PC with Bluesound Node 2i MQA analog to HD-DAC1.
3. Android phone UAPP and xDSD MQA, yes I get the above rates on my old Android phone.

I know that many look down on the lossy MQA but as an owner of 800+ DSD/MLP discs and a reference separates system in the batcave I can attest to the improvements, now just like with SACDs you can tell the 
quality of the mastering process.

Just a tip, when you go looking for MQAs look for "Tidal Masters New Releases" playlist, then you can click on the separate tracks, their albums are usually entirely MQA.